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France Visa Appointment Services
  1. Appointment date and timings are subject to availability however we provide appointment as per the preferences of applicants.
  2. Our Service Charge. Our charge for processing your visa will be quoted to you at the outset. The service charge varies depending on the time of year. There is an additional charge of £ 20 for urgent appointments, which we may accept at our discretion and depending upon the relevant Embassy's policy on urgent applications. We cannot process applications more quickly than any individual Embassy's or Department's processing times, nor do we have the ability to influence any Embassy or government department.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any loss/damage or delay arising when documents are in the possession of an Embassy, the post office or an outside company, agency or department. Should anything unforeseen occur we will do our best to help you and to remedy the situation as far as is possible. This is your complete responsibility to ensure that either you have adequate travel insurance (which should start from the day you pay for your trip and not from the day you actually travel) or that all travel and accommodation is fully refundable in the event of any unforeseen occurrence. We do not accept responsibility for an Embassy refusing a visa or not processing it on time, particularly where you have allowed insufficient time or not supplied the documents requested on time.
  4. Everyone should have enough time for processing your visa before you intend to travel it should be 15 days in advance as per the general guidelines of French embassy.
  5. Once the appointment is booked then no changes will be done in date and timings. All applicants need to pay 20 pounds for re-appointment service charges on new date
  6. After booking appointment If any applicant do not wish to attend then refund of 50% of appointment service charges can be made in certain cases.
  7. NOTE: The Embassy or cannot be held responsible for any delay or if the visa is refused
  8. We are a private agency online and third party agent and we are not affiliated or connected with French embassy.
  9. All Fees are non refundable once submitted to the embassy. cannot guarantee the issuance or length of any visas–this is determined by the Embassy. While every effort will be made to ensure that the correct advice and documentation is presented at time of application. The Embassy may still choose not to grant the visa without explanation.
  10. You may terminate your agreement with us at any time. We shall be entitled to be paid for any work we have done and for any fees we have paid on your behalf.
  11. Refund policy:

    1. Appointment charges once paid cannot be returned / refuned in any circumstances you can take appointment next time later instead as per your schedule whether appointment date has been booked or not booked.

    2. On other condition if you want to cancel your request after paying the fee online then we can offer you 50% refund only.

    3. Once the appointment is booked then we are unable to offer you any refund because that appointment could not be used for any other applicant.