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  • 4 Fun Things to Do in Saint Jean de Luz with your Loved Ones

    The quaint fishing town of Saint Jean de Luz might look like a not-so-popular tourist attraction. But, wait till you actually visit this wonderful place. The Saint Jean de Luz Tourism authorities have ensured that whenever a tourist visits this beautiful place they will go back with a ton of memories. 

    Starting from bustling shopping streets to sandy beaches and mouth-watering food, It offers something for everyone. Feel like getting a France Visa to visit this charming destination? Read on to know about some amazing things that you can do while exploring it with loved ones.

    Why You Should Visit Saint Jean De Luz?

    It is a beautiful tourist destination with lovely people, mellow weather, popular tourist attractions, mouth-watering delights and rich heritage. Although it looks like an offbeat tourist place, it offers many popular tourist attractions that can keep you occupied for almost a week!

    Saint Jean de Luz

    4 Fun Things to Do in Saint Jean de Luz, France

    Go Shopping in Rue Gambetta

    Rue Gambetta is a popular pedestrian street of Saint Jean de Luz. This bustling street is primarily known for its many stores & boutiques that sell local products, chocolates, shoes, clothes and other items. 

    Don’t miss buying the Linge Basque which is basically a solid fabric featuring brightly striped patterns. This alluring fabric has a rich history and tradition behind it so try getting it as a souvenir when you explore the beautiful street.

    Visit the beautiful beach and the promenade

    Saint Jean de Luz’s main attraction is its gorgeous promenade and the sun-kissed beach which is called the big beach. This beach owes its popularity due to its crescent shape which makes it an ideal location for couples, families and children. Try walking along the promenade of this gorgeous beach to enjoy panoramic views of the Basque Architecture and the Cantabrian sea. Apart from this beach, there are 4 other beaches namely Cénitz, Mayarco, Erromardie, and Lafiténia.

    Book your Stay at the Grand Hotel & Enjoy its Spa

    The Grand Hotel offers a revitalizing & unique spa experience that is worth all your bucks! 

    Saint Jean de Luz

    You may book other hotels for your stay but Grand Hotel is pretty close to the Casino La Pergola. So, if you feel like splurging a little bit or just want to enjoy a vibrant nightlife, simply head over to the Casino.

    Visit Saint-Jean-Baptiste

    One of the most important structures of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the Church of St. John The Baptist. This exquisite structure was constructed around the 15th to 17th century and features spell-binding baroque masterpieces, austere exteriors, wooden galleries and more.

    These are some exciting things that you can do while visiting it. Now, all you need to do is grab a France Visa UK and visit this popular place with your friends or family.