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  • 5 Spell-Binding Places to Visit in Brittany with Loved Ones

    Brittany holds the title of being one of the most distinctive areas of France which features a long history of traditions & its very own language!

    From Arthurian Legend & Celtic Heritage to the Enthralling Brocéliande Forest, a Whopping 3000 Megaliths, Historic Harbors & Medieval Citadels, there are many alluring places to visit in Brittany.

    Apart from these, you also get to relish some of the most amazing gastronomical delights from a plethora of restaurants & local hotels in Brittany Towns and Villages.

    So, which iconic tourist attractions should you visit while exploring Brittany in France? Read on to find out!

    Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brittany France

    Carnac – For History Buffs

    Do you fancy exploring historical areas that speak volumes about the local cultures? Then Carnac is the ideal place to visit in Brittany.

    The megaliths of Carnac that you will come across are from the same era as the Stonehenge of England!

    Legend has it that between 3000 & 4000 BCE, pre-Celtic people from Brittany erected Thousands of “Menhirs” – Neolithic Standing Stones. It is thought that these stones were hewn from local rocks. Isn’t that interesting?

    However, nobody knows the reason behind the standing stones of Carnac. The town is divided into two areas namely: 

    • Carnac-Plages – features a thalassotherapy center, large sandy beaches & a beautiful seaside resort. 
    • Carnac-Ville – features the Museum of Prehistory & a 17th-century church. 
    • Auray – One of the Best Places to Visit in Brittany

    If you are after picture-perfect cobbled streets & a beautiful harbor, then simply head over to Auray. This enthralling tourist attraction boasts half-timbered houses, a harbor with picturesque views & beautiful meandering streets.

    Auray was known to serve as a major trading center during the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries.

    Did you know? Benjamin Franklin visited this amazing place in 1776 to extend support during the American War of Independence.

    Nowadays, Auray serves as a yachting harbor which boasts regular book & craft, fairs, a plethora of restaurants & bars as well as an Annual Oyster Festival!

    Ploumanac’h – A Beautiful Beach Village

    places to visit in Brittany

    Head over to the Northern Brittany’s Ploumanac’h which is a quaint beach village that is located on the Pink Granite Coast (Côte de Granit Rose). This enthralling village is characterized by a surreal coastline due to the pink granite rock formations and a towering active lighthouse. You also get to experience an inland village as well as a picturesque beach area when you visit Ploumanac’h with your loved ones.

    Dinan – An Enchanting Medieval-Walled Town

    Dinan is regarded as one of the best-preserved medieval walled towns of Brittany. Dinan also holds the distinction of being a Town of Art & History (Ville d’art et d’histoire) which supports craftspeople & local artists at the Place du Guesclin which is a weekly market.

    When you visit Dinan, try climbing the St. Catherine Tower, walk along its long ramparts (3 km) or visit the Clock Tower (Tour de l’Horloge) and witness the half-timbered houses & the meandering pedestrian streets.

    Paimpont – Home of the Legendary King Arthur

    Legend has it that the magical forest of Brocéliande was home to the Wizard Merlin & well-known King Arthur. You’ll come across many beautiful trails that lead to this ancient forest which you can explore alone or via a guided tour.

    places to visit in Brittany

    What is Brittany famous for?

    Brittany is primarily known for its Cider, Crêpes (Sweet) & Mouth-Watering Seafood. You’ll find these gastronomical delights in a variety of local restaurants & roadside cafés.

    So, what is holding you back? Simply Apply for France Visa & explore the 5 most amazing places to visit in Brittany with your friends or family!