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  • Easter in France 2024 – A Complete Guide for Travellers

    • March 5, 2024

    Planning a delightful holiday on Easter in France 2024? With world-famous sights, mouthwatering cuisine and stunning countryside, France makes for an unforgettable Easter break. This complete guide tells you everything you need to know, from Easter dates and traditions to the best places to visit and budget travel tips. So, plan your trip, get that France Visa and use this guide to enjoy the best Easter celebrations in France!

    When is Easter in France 2024?

    In 2024, Easter in France falls on Sunday 31st March. Easter always falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. So, plan your Easter holiday in France accordingly.

    Easter Week – A Quick Overview

    Easter week is an important religious and cultural celebration in France. Here are the key dates:

    • Palm Sunday (Dimanche des Rameaux) – 26th March 2024
    • Good Friday (Vendredi Saint) – 30th March 2024
    • Easter Sunday (Dimanche de Pâques) – 31st March 2024
    • Easter Monday (Lundi de Pâques) – 1st April 2024 (Public Holiday)

    Popular and Unique Easter in France Traditions

    From egg hunts to bell ringing, France has some fantastic Easter traditions. Here are some of the most popular ones that you must check out:

    1. Church bells fall silent on Good Friday then ring out triumphantly on Easter Sunday.
    2. Easter egg hunts take place across France. Parents hide chocolate eggs and treats in gardens for children to find.
    3. Easter fairs with stalls selling traditional crafts and treats can be found across Provence and Corsica. Look out for woven palm crosses too!
    4. Easter omelettes are popular in Haux, a village near Pau. On Easter Monday, an omelette made with 5,000 eggs is cooked in the main square and shared among the villagers.
    5. Easter bonfires are lit on Easter Sunday evening in many Provence villages. Locals gather around the fires to relish delicious hot cross buns.
    6. Easter candles are kept by many families and lit at Easter meals. The Paschal candle symbolises Jesus Christ rising from the dead.
    7. Easter trees are decorated by Alsace locals with painted hard-boiled eggs, chicks, small nests and yellow pom poms as Easter gifts for children.

    Easter France Costume

    The Easter Bell (Cloches de Pâques) is an important French Easter tradition. Legend says that the bells fly to Rome on Good Friday before returning on Easter Sunday bringing chocolate, presents and decorated eggs for children.

    Little boys dress up as the Easter Bell in costumes with bells and wings during Easter week, ringing their bells as they deliver gifts and chocolates door to door.

    Best Places to Visit on Your Easter France Holiday

    Looking for inspiration on where to spend your Easter break in France? Here are five of the best places to visit:

    • 1. Paris – A Dreamy Easter Holiday Awaits!

    As the vibrant capital and most popular tourist city, Paris has fabulous things to see and do over the Easter holidays.

    Must visit sights like the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe will be busy. So, try visiting them early. Later on, you can enjoy serene moments in ornate parks and quaint neighbourhood cafés!

    Time your Easter weekend visits to avoid the peak Palm Sunday church rush. Instead, wander past boutiques on the Champs Élysée to the ever-elegant Eiffel Tower. Its dazzling evening light show is perfect for end-of-day Paris magic!

    You can enjoy Good Friday at artistic Montmartre winding between tiny Sacré Cœur Basilica and the Moulin Rouge cabaret with an almond croissant stop-off. Then relish your Easter weekend with bountiful brunches from Marais to St Germain-de-Près boasting endless pastries, oysters and champagne.

    Join the well-dressed Parisians strolling streamside by the Seine before people-watching from a sunny terrace café. Or escape briefly to Monet’s floral wonderland at Giverny’s painterly gardens reached in 50 minutes by train. Paris has a ton of experiences for you this Easter. So, when are you getting that France Schengen Visa?

    • Nice – Fabulous Easter on the French Riveria

    If Paris still feels brisk, head south to the balmy Cote d’Azur and vibrant Nice for a fabulous Easter.

    Stroll the legendary Promenade des Anglais along the pebble beach as the sea sparkles beside. Then join locals browsing bountiful fresh produce at the fragrant Flower Market by Cours Saleya before picking out a baguette, cheese and rosé for a beach picnic.

    Head over to Castle Hill for breezy views across terracotta rooftops to the bay on one side, and snow-capped Alps on the other. Afterwards, stroll along tight cobblestone lanes in Nice’s atmospheric Old Town for lavender gifts and artisan olive oil tasting.

    Venture to pretty hilltop villages Eze and Saint-Paul de Vence tinged with the scents of lemon trees and jasmine. See traditional woven palm crosses for Easter in vibrant local craft shops.

    In the evenings, relax at an old town brasserie to watch street performers over steak frites and a carafe of Provence rosé as accordion music fills the balmy Easter air. All you need is a France Visa from UK to get started on your Easter vacation!

    • The Alsace Region – A Fairytale Easter Destination

    Combining French food and flair with Germanic half-timbered architecture, Alsace creates a fairy-tale Easter setting. Base yourself at picturesque Strasbourg or Colmar to explore the region’s vines, winding canal walkways and vibrant Easter traditions.

    The Easter weekend here erupts in age-old customs, many originating in churches aiming to replace previously pagan festivals. Bells fall silent on Maundy Thursday in Easter preparations before cacophonous ringing erupts on Easter morning from every Alsatian steeple in celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

    Children dress as Easter bells to deliver chocolate gifts and decorated eggs to neighbours. On the other hand, families relish seasonal freshly caught carp, roast lamb and seasonal asparagus washed down with crisp Alsace white wines.

    Don’t miss the Osterputz spring cleaning Easter tradition still upheld locally too. Here homes are thoroughly scrubbed and neighbours help decorate houses with Easter trees decorated with coloured eggs, chicks, tiny nests and yellow pom poms!

    Other Alsatian Easter highlights include:

    • Artisan markets selling woven palm crosses
    • Delicate chocolate pralines shaped like Alsatian Easter lambs, and
    • Spiced lebkuchen gingerbread Easter biscuits

    So, what are you waiting for? Book your France Visa appointment today. Go on an incredible Easter vacation to France with loved ones!

    • Bordeaux – Easter Feasts & Vineyard Celebrations

    Gourmet capital Bordeaux makes a refined choice for Easter, combining world-class wine and dining with elegant city sightseeing. Stroll through the lush Jardin Public by the Garonne River before touring the winding lanes and smart boutiques of the Triangle d’Or Golden Triangle neighbourhood.

    Vineyard day trips allow fabulous winery visits before Easter lunch back in Bordeaux at Michelin-starred Le Gabriel overlooking the polished Grand Theatre. Then stroll along the Garonne riverside or at museums like CAPC Contemporary Art Gallery and the striking La Cité du Vin wine museum.

    On Easter Sunday, many prominent Left Bank chateaux like Smith Haut Lafitte or Pape Clément hold special events from elaborate brunches to concerts, vineyard trails and egg hunts for children!

    So, make sure to add these places to your Easter in France itinerary!

    Easter in France 2024 Travel Tips

    Follow these top France Easter travel tips for a hassle-free vacation:

    • Apply for France Visa and book transport, tours and accommodations early to secure the best deals
    • Be prepared for crowds and book restaurants in advance to enjoy your meals without waiting in queues
    • Check opening hours as most shops and businesses close on Easter Sunday and Monday
    • Pack warm clothes as the weather can still be cool; the average Easter temperature in Paris is 10°C
    • Consider renting a car for sightseeing in Provence or the countryside

    Easter 2024 Accommodations in France – Best Areas to Stay

    Book early to secure the best value Easter accommodation in popular spots like Paris. Otherwise, consider:

    • Renting apartments/cottages in rural Provence or Dordogne
    • Checking smaller cities like Toulouse and Reims
    • Staying slightly outside main hubs and using public transport

    Budget-friendly Easter in France Tips for 2024

    With some planning, you can cut costs on Easter accommodation, food and attractions in France:

    • Choose a less expensive destination like Bordeaux over Paris
    • Stay outside the main cities and visit by public transport
    • Rent an apartment and cook rather than eating out
    • Buy passes like the Bordeaux City Pass for free transport and discounts
    • Avoid Easter weekend if possible when demand is very high

    Bonus: Easter In France 2024 Solo Traveller Guide

    Solo travellers needn’t miss out on Easter in France. Guided coach tours mean you can enjoy Easter with fellow solo travellers. Alternatively, hang out in bustling city cafés in Paris and Bordeaux or join free walking tours to meet fellow sightseers.

    Solo apartments or a budget hostel stay also works well for Easter city breaks allowing you to save money by self-catering. Reims, Strasbourg and Avignon have pretty, walkable centres perfect for solo adventures during Easter.


    With tempting food, striking landmarks and family-friendly attractions, France makes for an unforgettable Easter holiday destination. Follow this guide on where to go, what to see, Easter traditions and travel tips for a smooth, stress-free break. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for France Visa today to celebrate Easter in France 2024!


    Does France celebrate Easter?

    Yes, Easter is a very important religious and cultural celebration in France with church services and family get togethers to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death by crucifixion. Many French Easter traditions like church bell ringing and Easter egg hunts stem from this history.

    What food do they eat at Easter in France?

    Typical Easter foods in France include chocolate bells, fish, spring lamb, Easter cakes and hot cross buns as well as plenty of eggs for cracking and decorating. The Easter weekend is also a popular time for large family banquets and lunches with classic French dishes like coq au vin.

    What do the locals say for Easter in France?

    The French say “Joyeuses Pâques!” to wish people a Happy Easter. You can also say “Bonnes Pâques” which translates as “Have a good Easter”. If someone has given you an Easter gift or chocolate, you can reply “Je vous remercie de votre gentillesse de Pâques” meaning “Thank you for your Easter kindness”.

    Is Easter Monday a public holiday in France?

    Yes, Easter Monday is a public holiday across France known as Lundi de Pâques. Most businesses, shops and public institutions will be closed. Some small bakeries or food stores may open in the morning. Large cities like Paris will also have some tourist attractions open as usual. Transport links run to a reduced schedule compared to usual.

    What’s the weather in France at Easter?

    The weather in France can vary over Easter but averages around 10°C in Paris and the north. Southern France enjoys warmer spring temperatures averaging 15-18°C in Nice and Marseille. Layers and an umbrella are advisable for outdoor sightseeing as some rain showers often pass through France in spring.