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  • The Ultimate France Travel Guide 2020 for Sybarites

    The enrapturing country of France consists of the metropolitan & surrounding overseas territories. It is also bordered by a plethora of countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Italy & more which enables influx of cuisine, culture & rich heritage. Thus, a comprehensive France Travel guide 2020 is needed to explore the vast legacy & beguiling tourism in France.

    France truly deserves the tag of being the most visited country in the world due to its alluring cities, Mediterranean beaches & picturesque villages. But, that’s not all! The mellow weather, mouth-watering cuisine & architectural marvels are bound to astound tourists.

    While the best time to travel to France for sightseeing is during the shoulder season, Shopaholics can visit France in summers for exciting sales. The currency in France is the Euro & 1 USD translates to 1.14 EUR. Read on the carefully curated France Travel guide 2020 to enjoy unforgettable holidays in France with loved ones.

    France Travel Guide 2020 – Best Places to visit in France:

    Here are Favorite spots in France for tourists & sybarites to have a great time –

    Nice – Fantastic Climate & Picturesque Views:

    • Nice is located on the French Riviera & offers visitors:
    1. All year sunshine
    2. Pristine beaches
    • Intriguing history
    1. Captivating museums
    2. Alluring restaurants
    • Nice caters to all budgets & tourists can go from affordable to high-end options.
    • Some must-try things while exploring Nice are:
    1. Experience Nice’s Jazz Culture
    2. Explore the Old Town of Nice & savor authentic French Cuisine
    • Shop to your heart’s content in Flea Markets & Antique stores

    Corsica – One of the Best Destinations to Visit in France:

    • Corsica is a beautiful island situated in the Mediterranean sea & is a Favorite spot in France. It the boasts of:
    1. Sun-kissed beaches
    2. Turquoise blue waters
    • Exquisite Corsican cuisine
    1. Lip-smacking wines
    • Visitors can enjoy the rich culture,enchanting hilltop villages, mountain scenery & much more.
    • A Few Things to do while visiting Corsica are:
    1. Water activities such as diving & snor kelling
    2. Explore the iconic locations of Calvi & Loto
    • Discover hidden gems via off beat walking trails

    Paris – City of Lights:

    • France Travel guide 2020 is incomplete without Paris. France’s capital Paris is a major tourist attraction & provides tourists with:
    1. Enthralling Historic monuments
    2. Beautiful gardens & roadside cafes
    • Rich culture, captivating art & innovative fashion scene
    • Tourists can relish exceptional gastronomy or iconic tourist attractions to make memories for life
    • A few prominent things to do in Paris are:
    1. Visit famous landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe & many more
    2. Savor exotic French food or taste lip-smacking French wines
    • Go shopping in a plethora of fashion stores

    Lyon – An Underrated Tourist attraction:

    • The fascinating city of Lyon features a gamut of attractions & is a must-visit attraction on any France Travel guide 2020. This place offers:
    1. Exquisite Architecture & intriguing museums
    2. UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    • Vibrant Nightlife
    • Tourists can enjoy the exquisite culinary delights or know about the rich history of Lyon via its many museums.
    • Some cool things to do in Lyon are:
    1. Visit the Lumière institute to know the origins of cinema
    2. Enjoy mouth-watering dishes in gorgeous restaurants
    • Know about the silk industry or explore the secret passageways in Vieux

    Provence – Resplendent Country Side:

    • Provence is located in southeastern France & is an offbeat tourist location of France Travel guide 2020. It provides visitors with:
    1. Sunny Weather & wonderful traditions
    2. Lip-smacking wines & delicious food
    • Alluring country side
    • Travellers can explore diverse landscapes which offer a wide variety of villages, olive groves, pine forests & lavender fields.
    • Some amazing things to do in Provence are:
    1. Visit Pope’s palace or discover the old port of Marseille
    2. Visit the Senanque Abbey
    • Explore the limestone canyon – Gorges du Verdon

    France Travel guide 2020 – The Best time to visit France :

    Various France Travel Seasons offer different aspects of tourism in France. Here is a brief  guide on the best time to travel to France:

    1. Sightseeing – The months of May & September offer mild weather which will enable tourists to have a great time while exploring tourist attractions.
    2. Shopping – Winter & summers sales are usually held during mid-January & mid-February. Travelers can also visit France during the months of June to August for exciting deals & fewer tourists.
    • Wine tasting & Beach relaxing – The months of May & June are ideal for both wine tasting & beach exploration. If you want fewer crowds visit during mid-September for warm temperatures & pleasant strolls.

    Make use of the curated France Travel guide 2020 guide to enjoy a momentous getaway while ensuring safety in France for your loved ones. There are many exciting activities & events in the above-mentioned iconic locations. Apply online France Visa appointment to procure a France Visa UK & discover the hidden gems of France with your friends or family.