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Apply for France Schengen Visa – Book France Visa Appointment from London, Manchester UK | Online Visa for France

Travel enthusiasts from all over the world are drawn to the irresistible historic cities cities, picturesque vies, breathtaking castles of the Loire Valley and Brittany, pristine beaches, pleasant climate, and lavish food and wine cultures.

The application for a France visa from UK is the only thing standing in between you and your ideal vacation to France. Acclaimed for its breathtaking landscapes, picture-perfect villages, fairy-tale castles and soaring cathedrals, France is the most popular travel destination across the globe.

So begin your France visa application process with us now to start visiting this stunning European nation which is on many people's bucket list for good reasons.

Our Services – Get Professional Assistance

In order to get your visa, you need to book a France visa appointment with TLS as walk-ins are not allowed. During the appointment, the visa officer will check your documentation and may also ask you a few travel-related questions. Therefore, in order to successfully apply for France visa from UK, you will need expert assistance to organize your documents, schedule an appointment and get other necessary assistance. Here, we can help you by offering comprehensive advice on how to acquire a France tourist visa and handling the complete appointment procedure for visas, all for a nominal fee.

To ensure that your visa application is processed quickly and you may enjoy your holidays as planned, we are committed to give you the highest quality services. You will enjoy the following benefits if you avail our services.

Professional Assistance: The complexities of the France visa application process are well-known to our staff of knowledgeable experts. At every step of the procedure, we will offer you professional assistance.

24/7 Support: Our experienced team of customer service specialists is always available to address any queries or issues you may have regarding your appointment or France visa UK.

Express Services: Our services are customized to meet your specific needs. Your entire application process, including the next-week visa appointment will be managed by our dedicated professionals.

Cost-Effective: Our specialized services are most economical in the market. Our rates are competitive, clear, and set.

How to Book France Visa Appointment?

For those planning a vacation to France in the near future, it’s important to start preparing early. One of the most important steps to ensure a worry-free and amazing holiday is obtaining the required travel documents, including your France visa appointment. The following describes our easy and quick appointment process.

  1. Visit our website & fill the online France visa form with all your details and complete the online payment to proceed further with reserving your express appointment slot at TLS Visa centre.
  2. One of our experts will get in touch with you, ask you for your preferred date and time of appointment and will book fast-track appointment for you.
  3. Visit TLS visa center with all the required documents and submit your biometric information such as fingerprints & digital photo.
  4. Pay the TLS visa fee using your Debit/Credit card at the time of appointment for further visa processing and you will get the passport with visa back in few days via courier.

You may apply for a France visa London or any other Schengen country using our services if you are a UK resident with a valid residency permit.

Types of France Visa

1. France Tourist Visa – Short-term France visitor visa is generally valid for 3 months.

2. France Business Visa – This visa is given to individuals traveling with business purposes.

3. Long Stay National Visa – Long-stay visa is valid for staying for more than a year in France. Generally this visa is required by British citizens as for travelling for up to 90 days, they do not need any visa. But to stay for more than that they will need to apply for a visa in advance.

Why Choose Us?

Applying for an express appointment with us ensures that your trip to France is well taken care of. Our professionals are available round the clock, should you need help while having fun in this beautiful European nation. The following are the perks of using our France visa UK services.

Privacy & Security: We protect your financial information and personal data by using secure payment methods. Furthermore, we never provide your information to third parties out of respect for your privacy.

Flight and Hotel Arrangements: In order to obtain a visa, we can also assist you in booking hotels and flights itinerary for an additional nominal cost. You are not required to pay the complete price. We handle cancellations later, and there is no additional fees for same.

Document Verification: Before your appointment, one of our team members will review all your documents to make sure there are no mistakes or any missing information that might prevent you from obtaining a France visa.

Travel health Insurance: We make it quick and easy to obtain your travel medical insurance. For every Schengen countries visa, we promptly provide valid travel medical insurance with €30,000 cover. You can be sure that your insurance is valid for entire Schengen trip.

Simply let us know your preferences for appointment date and time and we will use our resources and expertise to help you get the French visa appointment that works best for you.

We are always available to assist you via phone, email or WhatsApp. Start your France visa from UK application now and get ready to explore this wonderful country which is certainly a popular choice among tourist from all over the world.

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