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Visa documentation needs to be adequate and correct so that the Visa application for the Schengen country gets approved in a smooth manner. Once you have booked the appointment, our Visa team will guide you regarding the latest list of documentation that will be required by the French Embassy to approve your online Visa Application for France.  Apart from specific documents required as per the status of applicant, certain documents are general in nature which are required from every person making the application like:

  • Hotel Accommodation- In order to make a Schengen Visa Application, one needs to submit proofs of hotel accommodation in order to prove that your accommodation is booked for the entire period of stay in the Schengen country. If you are going to stay with a French family, then you will be required to produce original “Attestation accursed” from the sponsor.
  • Proof of Transportation- Proofs of travel bookings are also required to be submitted by the applicant of Schengen Visa. They can be flight/train/bus/ferry bookings or any other specific documents that the French Embassy requires.
  • Proof of Income- Proof of Income is required to be produced by the Visa applicants so that it is ensured that they can sustain their in France during the travel period.
  • Marriage Certificate- The dependent spouse of UK national needs to submit the Civil Marriage Certificate while making the application and it should be translated in English or French (If applicable).
  • Travel Insurance- Travel Insurance is required to provide for the emergency medical expenses and repatriation of the applicant.

Still confused about the requirements of your France Schengen Visa? Simply request for a call back and our Visa team will guide you for the process.