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  • Mont Saint Michel – One of France’s Most Stunning Sights

    • June 28, 2021

    France doesn’t just hold the tag of being the most popular tourist destination without any reason. While Paris does contribute to its popularity, there are many other spell-binding destinations of France such as Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and the iconic Mont Saint Michel.

    Mont Saint Michel is a beautiful rocky island commune that features a stunning 13th-century Gothic abbey. Why is this island a must-visit attraction? Read on to find out! 

    What is Mont Saint Michel Famous for?

    Mont Saint Michel is a culmination of expertise & mastery of various generations of builders. 

    Mont Saint Michel

    This iconic structure which is located on the border between Brittany & Normandy was primarily a fortress for the Dutch of Normandy and acted as a place of passage. The magical island withstood successive conflicts & its restoration earned it the tag of UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Things to Know Before Visit to Mont Saint Michel

    The Surrounding Area is Muddy

    The Island is usually surrounded by water & low or high tides open up or close the path of entry.

    But when the island isn’t surrounded by water then you’ll most likely encounter a muddy mess. So, if you are planning to wear a pair of brand-new shoes, you might have to postpone it.

    Visiting Mont Saint Michel is an Uphill task, Literally!

    New pair of shoes will come in handy when you enter the beautiful structure as you’ll be walking up hills & steep stone steps. Make it a point to roam the enthralling streets as you’ll come across various restaurants and shops. 

    A Steep fact: Mont Saint Michel’s highest point is 302 ft. (92 m) above sea level. 

    Pack Warm Clothes

    Even during summers, you’ll experience cold & windy weather. So, make sure to put on a coat & carry gloves as well as a scarf. You should also add a compact umbrella to your travel bag if possible.

    Make sure to check the tidal calendar

    Mont Saint Michel

    High tides & low tides determine whether you can visit the abbey or not. The water levels of the surrounding area can reach a whopping 46ft. So, sometimes you may not be able to visit the abbey. If you reach Mont Saint Michel during this time then your whole getaway experience will get spoiled. So, brush up on the tidal calendar before you plan on visiting this beautiful abbey.

    What to Expect Inside The Walls Of Mont Saint Michel

    Mont Saint Michel is actually a village!

    This island along with its architectural masterpieces is a village that houses residents – 44 to be exact! If you are lucky then you’ll hear the beautiful choir singing melodious songs in the church.

    Important Instruction: Don’t take photographs of the citizens especially during religious processions or ceremonies.

    Savour delicious gastronomical delights

    Mont Saint Michel France is well-known for its crepes and omelets. One recommendation to relish these tasty delights is La Mère Poulard which has been around since 1888. Make sure to reserve your table beforehand as the waiting line can be quite long.

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    You must talk a walk along the ramparts

    Mont Saint Michel

    Head over to the left of the main entrance gate to reach Porte Échauguette. From there you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the ramparts of the abbey. Fancy panoramic views? Then visit the Terrasse de l’Ouest!

    Explore various attractions inside the walls

    Apart from the aforementioned places, you can also visit churches, the alluring abbey & museums inside the walls. Yes! Mont Saint Michel has it all. You just need to shell out a small entrance fee (10 euros) to visit the abbey.

    So, what is holding you back? Get your France Visa UK and head over to this charming tourist attraction with your friends or family. Click some amazing pictures to get your social media feed buzzing.