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  • Things to do in Paris – The city of Love

    There are so many things to do in Paris, France, with your loved ones that can bring them joy. Romance and Paris, go together, hand in hand. On top 10 places to visit in the world, Paris alone has bagged two places.

    Paris is the best place for a romantic getaway for all couples and newlyweds. To give Paris romantic appeal, UNESCO heritage protection has limited the building construction up to 6 stories only.

    The old buildings aren’t rebuilt to add romantic appeal that tells stories capped in them.

    There is not any specific place that is beautiful, as every corner of the city is filled with beauty. The metro and bus ride give a look into small size and wide streets with all romantic vibes.

    Bucket List to check off in Paris:

    1. Eiffel Tower  : Activities to experience

    Eiffel Tower was constructed in the 19th Century by Gustave Eiffel. He was an engineer with whose help this Utopia was achieved, which is a symbol of technologic prowess. It was a great defining moment for industrial era that met with tremendous fame and success.

    Eiffel Tower

    Apart from being the tower that transmitted radio and telecommunications first, the beautiful Eiffel Tower is lauded for offering myriad of exhilarating activities to undertake.

    Some of the must have experiences in Paris, Eiffel tower include light shows, the blue tower, pyrotechnic show & ice-rink.

    With the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Paris and magic of lights that this tower represents, it inspires dreams every day.

    Do not forget to visit the Eiffel Tower if you’re taking a trip to Paris.

    2. Versailles – The most beautiful castle in the world!

    The palace of Versailles is much more than being just a castle. It was built by Louis the XIV, who was the wealthiest King of Europe & called himself as “Sun King”.

    This palace attracts around 4 million visitors each year. It takes around an hour to check out the entire castle. Mirrors Gallery in the castle is one of the beauties of the palace, which has gold and mirrors. Not to miss – the view of Garden from windows.


    Versailles palace also has 9,000 square feet of garden which is magnificent and has vegetable garden and fountains.

    One of the enthralling parts of the palace is called as “Grand Trainon”. It is a private palace for friends who used visit the King. The Queen Marie Antoinette also had her mini palace called “Petit Trainon”. Hameau of Versailles is a cute part of the castle built for kids. This palace is surely one of the exhilarating Paris attractions.

    3. Sacre-Coeur – Known for beautiful sunsets

    Scare – Coeur, called Sacred Heart of Jesus, has a bohemian touch and looks peaceful. It is different from rest of the neighborhood, as it has all buildings and monuments painted in white.


    Climbing the stairs of Sacre-Coeur, gives hopelessly romantic vibes, with couples in love being around, taking pictures and recreating movie scenes. Nonetheless, the experience is better as you climb the stairs. You see Paris grow smaller and basilica growing larger.

    The front steps of Sacre-Coeur offer the most beautiful sunsets and views of Paris.

    If you reach there by sunset, you can see glowing lights, taking you in a magical trance.

    4. The Wall of Love :

    The Wall of Love or most popularly known as “I love you wall,” is located on the hillside of Montmartre. It is a forty square meter installation of art and features 250 languages expressing the phrase “I love you”.

    The Wall of Love

    This was begun by Frederic Baron in 1992 where he collected over 1000 ways to express love, out of his findings in his personal notebook. Out of 1000 phrases, only 250 languages were true to the finding. Claire Kito, later brought this piece to life by making a wall.

    I love you Wall is made of lava. It has 612 tiles covering square meter and was built in the year 2000.

    So all the people in love get Online France Visa UK and fly with your loved one to experience this beautiful view in person.

    5. Montparnasse Tower – Its View

    Montparnasse is the tallest tower in the city of Paris. This modern tower painted in black colour, appears as an odd one out. The view of Paris from the top of this tower is absolutely breathtaking!

    Montparnasse Tower

     The 56th floor of this tower is home to an amazing restaurant called “Le Ciel de Paris”. It is lauded for serving mouth – watering food by Christophe Marchais, the head chef.

    Noe Duchaufour – Lawrance has made an incredible contribution in designing the interior of this cozy yet beautiful restaurant.

    6. Rodin Museum – Sculpts of Love

    Rodin Museum has the sculptures made by the famous sculptor – Auguste Rodin. Some of his best sculptures are made of marble and bronze & known for their precision & accuracy. His style of sculpting is mostly inspired by relationships and romance.

    The museum features a beautiful garden bar where wine and beer can be caroused on sale. Museum tickets are free and the garden is open during May and June!

    7. Buddha Bar : A definite place to be

    The bar has a huge fame among international and Parisian audience, providing different exotic cuisines from all over the world. This bar promotes positive energy and has different outlets of spas, hotels, restaurants all over the world. Do not miss this place to enjoy a relaxation with family.

    These are some of the top-notch things to do in Paris, to check off your Paris bucket list, with nothing but magical memories.

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