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  • Top four foods you can’t afford to miss in France

    France is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world but it is not just famous for the Eiffel tower and the other architectural constructions. There are many other factors which make this country visitable and one of the most prominent one is food. If you are a food lover then you must visit the country of deliciously presented cuisines and apply for your France Schengen visa. You may get your visa for France through a private agency who will make the process easy for you but before that let’s tempt you a bit more with the most delicious foods of France –

    1. Baguette – Paris is the sole destination where you can find the top quality Baguettes. The city even organizes the competition and leaves you with options to choose your baguette from the list of the awardees.
    2. Raw milk artisanal cheese – Paris is a hub for raw artisanal cheese; here you can do everything from going on a cheese making tour to tasting the raw milk cheese(unless you have a compromised immune system). When you visit don’t forget to ask for what is the best in town because artisanal cheese is seasonal and you may or may not find it due to its seasonality.
    3. The macarons – The macarons are the most delicious two bite pastries of France. They come in different colors and are covered with the almond meringue shells glued together with butter cream. However, you should try the macarons from the bakeries which make their own, as some of them also sell factory made ones as well which aren’t as tasty as the original macarons.
    4. Aligot – The Aligot is a mouth watering dish which is crafted with mashed potatoes perfectly blended with garlic, melted tomme cheese from Cantal and the Crème Fraiche giving it a perfect flavor. This innovative dish comes in two forms, the first one is the smooth and puree form called the Aligot and the other one is the chunky form called the truffade. Both the form s are extremely delicious and are a must try.

    These top four dishes are worth exploring during your trip to France, even if you aren’t a huge fan of food.  If you haven’t planned a trip to France yet, then it’s time to do it this holiday season. Just get your France visa and you are all set to explore the heavenly destination named France.