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  • Why does France top the most visited country in the world list?

    The picturesque country of France is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, alpine villages & medieval cities. Famous places in France like Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice & many more prompt tourists for undertaking a relaxing vacation. That is why France receives the highest number of tourists & has been adjudged as the Most Visited Country in the World.

    However, that is not all! There are a few reasons that make France first choice holidays & a favorite tourist destination. The unique geography of France, Easy access, Rich legacy & Exquisite French cuisine make it a preferred location & one of The World’s Most Visited Countries. In addition to that, you have a wide range of France tourist places like Bustling cities or the Serene countryside to choose from.

    Based on your preference, you can enjoy France in a variety of ways. So, grab a France Visa UK & undertake an exciting journey to France. Read on to know about a few significant reasons for France’s popularity among sybarites.

    4 reasons that make Why France is the most visited country in the world:

    France, with an average footfall of more than 80 million visitors, varied topography & alluring destinations easily ranks as the Most Visited Country in the WorldHere are 4 major reasons for France’s meteoric rise as one of the World’s Most Visited Countries:

    Resplendent Paris – One of the best places to visit in France

    Paris is easily the most preferred destination for any tourist. The city itself draws more than 30 million tourists. No other city receives so many travellers/sybarites in a year. In addition to that, the striking architecture, Alluring Eiffel tower & the romantic image of the city are perfect for an unforgettable experience in France.

    Resplendent Paris

    You can stroll across gorgeous streets, shop to your heart’s content or visit beautiful museums. If your kids want to have an exciting time, you can always head over to Disneyland. The theme park is one of the best places to visit in France. You can always visit the exotic Paris with an Online France Visa UK to make memories for life.

    Renowned Cuisine – Famed Hotels & places to visit in France:

    French Gastronomical delights & exotic wine varieties are a must-try for any France lover. Scrumptious dishes like Soupe à l’oignon, Coq au vin, Cassoulet & Beef bourguignon will tantalize your taste buds. Classic 5-star hotels, restaurants & roadside cafes offer a plethora of mouth-watering dishes or snacks to relish.

    France Renowned Cuisine

    Add lip-smacking wines such as Mouton Cadet Bordeaux & Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac to make your lunch or dinner exquisite. Almost 24 million tourists visit wine regions of France to relish delicious wines. You’ll also encounter varied local cuisines according to the local tradition. The enticing cuisine does make France the Most Visited Country in the World.

    UNESCO Acclaimed Heritage Sites-Best Places to Visit in France:

    Some of the renowned places to visit in France have the UNESCO Heritage site tag. The beguiling cathedrals of Bourges, Chartres & Amiens are must-visit places for their quintessential architecture. Resplendent cities of Alibi & Carcassonne are on the heritage list as well.

    Captivating landmarks like Park of Versailles, Pont du Gard & the Vibrant Palace are a great addition to your bucket list. Choosing such heritage sites enables tourists to transform their leisure vacation into an all-experience trip of France. With an array of spell-binding France Tourist Places, the spectacular country ranks as the Most Visited Country in the World.

    Easy Access from many countries:

    You can reach France effortlessly from around 10 countries. Tourists from countries like the UK & Germany top France’s tourist list. The UK has many travel options via air, rail & road. France lovers from European countries can always visit the enthralling country within a few hours. Affordable flights & less travel time make for a great vacation during weekends.

    Easy Access from many Countries

    International travellers can find a wide range of flights for their French vacation. The Ease of Access makes France the Most Visited Country in the World. All you need is a French Visa express appointment to clear all the formalities. Avail a France Express Visa Service for a hassle-free vacation with loved ones.

    There are many other catalysts for France’s rise as the Most Visited Country in the World such as great public transport, Diverse France Tourist Places and Art & Culture. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a France Visa From UK & visit France for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with loved ones.